Next step, tell me more about you:


The "Character Identification Form" is what we’ll begin working off of in our next session, so I want to invite you to spend some time with it and familiarize yourself. I will illuminate the ideas and fill in the spaces with further explanation when we chat, but I mainly wanted to send it over so that you had some time to begin thinking through and potentially writing about the 5 areas that built your narrative stage, and the 10 areas that wrote your narrative script. The purpose of this intake form is to allow us to begin creating the framework for understanding who your “character” is within the larger story you and your body have lived together.

Within a narrative approach to embodiment, disconnection or imbalance in any form is rooted in a specific story. Therefore, any form of reconnection or healing that is needed is also a story. The “disconnection” story and the “healing” story have to correspond with one another, connect with one another, pacify and complete one another for the body, mind, and/or spirit to release one story for the other — creating balance from imbalance. They have to make sense in light of one another, so our work here is to begin trying to identify the “disconnection” story that your body has been enacting..

Don’t fret over knowing exactly accurate information or knowing the answer to all of these areas, this is just to give us a bit of structure and guidance to start from in piecing together and discovering your body's story. Please feel free to reach out to me and let me know if you need any clarification or have any questions as you’re looking them over.

Your only rule is that there are no rules. Engage with this however you feel comfortable! You can write things down if you want… journal style if that’s comfortable, bullet points or spontaneous thoughts, if that’s better. You can also just contemplate them and not write anything. There’s no wrong way to do this at all; however you do it is the right way to do it! Just answer with what you remember and what feels the most true.

Excited to talk again soon!