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“Jamie helped me begin to understand the importance of my relationship with my own body -- something that my Evangelical upbringing taught me to ignore, avoid, and even despise. Jamie’s unique style of coaching gave me the space I needed not only to name and grieve many of the destructive patterns of my evangelical past, but to retake control of my own decisions, refuse to wait for permission, and begin to heal the relationship between me and my own body.

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Jamie used her own experience and insight to coach me through a number of challenging personal difficulties, but, in the end, I felt like I had done the work, I had taken steps in the right direction, and I was proud of my own progress. It’s such a blessing when a coach, instead of leaving you feeling like you need them, leaves you realizing that all you need is yourself.”

- John from Pennsylvania

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“The fact that it's the dead of winter, I've gone almost two weeks without an alcoholic beverage (doing a month long commitment), and I'm not a miserable human being says a lot about Jamie's work. In August of 2017, I began working with this woman and the things that came up in those six months were astounding. For years, I thought something was wrong with me. I thought I was lazy, unmotivated -- all those things. It turns out sometimes your body needs to take a nap. Sometimes during certain seasons your body just needs to rest, and that's ok. And once you honor that, you'd be amazed the things that you can accomplish. Since working with Jamie, my playwright career has picked up steam. I'm honoring the fire-filled part of Her who has always been there, and I'm an absolute non-negotiable advocate for her and her needs (especially as a 4 on the Enneagram.) Some people have been caught off guard by this new more "mean" Prisca, and that's fine. They'll get used to it. Others love it. Also, the sex gets better too… because again, non-negotiable on Her needs.

Are there things I'm still trying to figure out? Yes, and that's ok. Now, thanks to the work Jamie and I did, I can hold space for that uncertainty. Sometimes listening to your body means taking a little more time than usual. That's ok. Honor her/him anyway. There's no doubt in my mind moving forward that I… we will continue to pursue the life of our dreams. The life that She and I love.

- Prisca from Missouri

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“My time spent working with Jamie lovingly transformed my perspective of myself and my body. Because of Jamie's willingness to journey with me and my body, I now know and love my body as my dearest friend. Jamie's knowledge and expertise of religious trauma and disembodiment were especially helpful to me as I wrestled through my personal experiences. I am deeply grateful for the work Jamie is doing and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to dig deep and unearth genuine love and care for their bodies.”

- Kirsten from Indiana

“My deeply oppressive Kosovarian culture had taken my body away from me years ago.Jamie was the first person to guide me back to what I thought I had permanently lost. I didn’t believe anyone could help me through the layers of trauma and I wasn’t really ready to dive into that all by myself. It’s as if Jamie could sense that there was something there I hadn’t broken open yet. My time with her was more than a session a week, it was permission to build a relationship with my body. It was permission to tell my story. It has been almost two years since we ended our time together and she is still a strong guidance in my life. She has gifted me the confidence to dive into my culture with new eyes, a language for my body that heals me everyday and the desire to share my collection of poems called A Woman’s Hymn.”

- Drenusha from Tennessee

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“If you had asked me when I was “disconnected from my body” (a phrase I learned working with Jamie), I would have said sometime around when I got diagnosed with Berger’s disease -- a disease that led to me needing and receiving a kidney transplant. I was way off. Working with Jamie gave me the language to identify the harm, both mentally and bodily, that I received from what most would call a well-meaning Christian faith. This is the work of a lifetime and it gives you the ability to *feel*, intuitively, what is happening in your body.”

- Zach from Missouri

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