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JAMIE LEE FINCH | Sexuality and Embodiment Coach, Intuitive Healer, Self-conversation Facilitator, Sex Witch, Poet

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As a survivor of both childhood trauma and religious trauma, I have a deep familiarity with the language used by those who come from authoritarian backgrounds and desire to return to a feeling of wholeness within their bodies — after years of assimilating to a belief that required them to separate from themselves.

I believe our bodies have a language and that language is our mother tongue. Trauma in any form — including toxic experiences with authoritarian religious belief — is responsible for breaking down our ability to communicate successfully with our bodies. Because of this, the presence of illness, imbalance, dysfunction or disease can often be considered our bodies’ frustrated attempts to connect with and communicate to us. The work that I do is in reconnecting people to their bodies, the language their body is speaking, and the voice their body is speaking with; it is deep reconciliation healing work on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level.

I specialize in reframing the reality of embodiment through that language of relationship, and I work with individuals of all genders who consistently find within themselves an inability to connect with, communicate with, and successfully relate to their own bodies — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Credentials: Certified Integrative Health Coach
BA in Health Arts and Science from Goddard College